Just a word…

Look, we try to follow the recipes.  Really we do.  That being said, like many kids we had problems coloring in the lines and standing in line for recess without acting foolish and running around like a monkey.  So obviously we TRY to follow the recipes but sometimes you have to take liberties and use what you have rather than what it calls for or leave out something that you think tastes like a(*)@.  So you’re forewarned.

Please note that none of these recipes are our own.  We don’t have time to experiment so we take these fine recipes that others have lovingly created and mold them to our own tastes.  We do strive to give credit where credit is due.  So yeah, there’s that.


Eggplant Fries


Look, I know that perhaps some of the stuff that we’re posting here might be considered a bit weird.  For instance this recipe.  Eggplant fries? Really? Yes really and yes they’re good.  Just try them before you start calling us a bunch of unshowered, long haired hippie freaks.  Neither of us have long hair and we shower on a semi-regular basis.

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Quinoa Chili



We’ve talked before about how we use these recipes as a kind of guide rather than an exact instructional manual.  Never so true as with this recipe.  We didn’t have any cocoa, lime or cilantro but it was still good.  Your results may vary and yes, there are a veritable buttload of ingredients.

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Lentil Soup


The basics of this recipe are from where else…Alton Brown.  That being said we never make it the same way twice.  So the recipe is really just kind of a map to get us along the way and we choose different routes to get where we want to go pretty much every time.  And really, what in the hell are grains of paradise anyway?  I doubt that anywhere in Kansas City has grains of paradise.  Maybe grains of wheat…(I’m kidding we’re not that backwards here.)

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Homemade Tzatziki


Oh man do we ever love this.  I mean who doesn’t?  We eat it on Gyros, as a dip, by the spoonful and for…um…special purposes that we won’t go into as this is a family kind of website.  (Not really.  We swear.)

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