Is it feed a cold or starve a fever or…..???

So I’m sick.  It happens.  It happens a lot of for me.

See I had a kidney transplant in April of 2014.  Everything is fine now, save for my immune system.

Seems like the anti-rejection drugs that I have to take to, you know, keep the kidney functioning, mean that my immune system is like the engine of a 1973 Honda Civic.  Sure it works but…really? Is that all that you’ve got?

For the past few days I’ve watched more television than I have in about a year.  Actually we watch very little television anymore so it’s not really that hard to watch more television than I have in x number of months.

I constantly get sick, I’m convinced, because we go to the gym so much.  We go a lot.  I’ve taken to wearing batting gloves so that I’m not really touching anything and washing the bejesus out of my hands when we get home because germs are ferocious and have probably eaten away the outer linings of my gloves and are mere millimeters away from feasting upon my luscious flesh.

Last week there were two days where, for whatever reason, I didn’t wear my gloves.  Once to a spin class and once to yoga.  Spin I can see.  People get on the bikes and pedal like they’re being chased by drunken hillibillies who really want to welcome them to the Ozarks.  They sweat and if they’re anything like me (which I sincerely hope not), then they sweat a lot.  I sweat a lot.  Most people don’t clean their bikes properly after they’ve finished ravaging and having their way with the bikes.  They finish, hop off and trot off on their merry way.  Without a thank you, here’s some money for you to buy something nice, a wipe with a towel soaked in germicide or a promise to call tomorrow.  But not me. I’m a kind and considerate chap and will, at the very least, spray the bike handsomely with the germicide spray and then trot off on my merry way.  Or really hobble, generally, but that’s a story for another time.

Yoga though.  One wouldn’t think that the yoga room would be as filthy and disgusting as the spin room is.  I mean, it’s a gentle, sweat free environment (for most people. See previous comment re: my sweating) with flowing music, candles and mats.  What could be better and more clean? Especially since it’s my own mat.  I know where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.  It’s generally nothing to write home about or alert the media about.  So yeah, I didn’t wear gloves in there one day last week either.

So what’s the point of this long, rambling tale you might ask? The point is that I need soup, something good and hearty and healthy.  Soup.  By golly we had some in the freezer that worked fine.  It was chicken(? not sure if real chicken or Quorn) and some big fat noodles.  It hit the spot and I feel better.  Of course I’ve been breathing tea tree and eucalyptus oils in water and using the Netti pot quite a bit today.  But that soup…yes sir.  That soup.