Homemade Tzatziki


Oh man do we ever love this.  I mean who doesn’t?  We eat it on Gyros, as a dip, by the spoonful and for…um…special purposes that we won’t go into as this is a family kind of website.  (Not really.  We swear.)

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One Pan Enchilada Pasta


We like this.  It’s all Mexicany and Italiany and really pretty easy.  We substituted Quorn Grounds for the turkey but generally keep everything else the same.  I think….

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Rosemary Polenta Fries


You know what/who the word rosemary makes me think of? The lady on the Dick Van Dyke show.  You know who I’m talking about, the lady who worked with Dick in his office and spared with Morey Amsterdam all the time.  Her name was actually Rose Marie but you get my point.  These fries are a great starter or a main dish.  Your call.  We won’t judge.

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Apple Puff Pancakes (Gluten Free)


We’re not talking about the sixties hippie song here.  Where the Magic Dragon takes a free ride on a carpet or whatever the song is.  And we don’t even know who Little Jackie Paper is.  We’re sorry.  But we do know that these pancakes are delicious and you’ll thank us for posting the recipe.  You can thank us in large denominations or a bag full of the smaller, we’re easy like that.

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Spicy shrimp wontons


A great Asian(?) dish. Of course it’s Asian.  Where else in the world do you get wonton? At Wendy’s? We’re not really sure what Asian dishes are really supposed to taste like as we’ve never been to Asia but we have been to Chinatown in New York City.  So there’s that.

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Just a word…

Look, we try to follow the recipes.  Really we do.  That being said, like many kids we had problems coloring in the lines and standing in line for recess without acting foolish and running around like a monkey.  So obviously we TRY to follow the recipes but sometimes you have to take liberties and use what you have rather than what it calls for or leave out something that you think tastes like a(*)@.  So you’re forewarned.

Please note that none of these recipes are our own.  We don’t have time to experiment so we take these fine recipes that others have lovingly created and mold them to our own tastes.  We do strive to give credit where credit is due.  So yeah, there’s that.